November 19, 2006

Ron Myers Unveils the New Logo

11-11-06 Ron Meyers
Originally uploaded by hueytaxi.
I would like to credit hueytaxi with flickring this photo to Lakeland Flying Tigers representative Ron Myers. Ken (Tuna Can) introduced me to Myers during the playoffs in Detroit. We ran into him at Hockeytown on one of those awesome Saturdays in October. Myers is actually the director of Florida Operations for the Tigers.

It's interesting to note that I blogged about the logo and name change today and someone named "Chuck" posted a link to photos of the unveiling, which led me to these Flickr photos.

Who's Chuck? And thanks!


Chuck said...

I'm Chuck and you're welcome.

(I had found your post in my "Flying Tigers" Google alert.)

Chuck said...

Man, I need to be more careful when I comment. Here's my correct link:

Lakeland Local