November 19, 2006

Reviewing Take the Weather With You

Take the Weather With You – Jimmy Buffett

The one good song on Jimmy Buffett’s new album, Take the Weather With You is “Bama Breeze.” A story about a saloon that was destroyed by Katrina. It tells a story in three minutes.

When did Jimmy stop writing his own songs? Of the 14 songs, Buffett is credited with writing on four of them. Not writing them, either. Just one of the writers. The rest of the album doesn’t tell any stories, and that’s Buffett’s strength.

Many Parrotheads are upset about his return to country. That doesn’t bother me, but this new album isn’t country, it isn’t pop, and it isn’t rock. It’s slow-moving music, goofy lyrics, and strange song titles. I mean come on, “Everybody’s on the Phone,” “Whoop De Doo,” and “Breathe In, Breathe out, Move On.” Is this an album or a psychological examination?

One decent song, “Duke’s on Sunday” makes no sense. Nice tune, weird lyrics. Buy it out of the bargain bin.

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