October 31, 2006

An American Original

Another season has ended for the Tigers. Since they made the World Series, Ernie Harwell made a comeback in the broadcast booth. He's 89. Now that the season is over, I guess it'll be another few months before we can say that we work every day from 7 a.m. until "Five minutes to Ernie." That's what Grandpa once told Joe Falls (former Detroit News sports editor) who passed the thought on to Sports Illustrated. Back in the '80s. What a great season. Oh, and while Mr. Harwell is a pretty good announcer, the American Original I'm talking about is Grandpa. He opened a service station during the early part of the depression, and it's still open today. Uncle John runs Morgan's today. It just wouldn't sound right to hear him say that he works until "five minutes to Jim Price." That "price" would not be right!

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